Incentive & Team Building

Paparazzi Stock 15 1200x800

Paparazzi by Ape Calessino

You can  feel an artist for one day,  creative, free to express

the both your individual and group potential. Such events

encourage people to come out and the group... icon 3

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Dragon Boat

The Dragon boat,  is a popular sport  known 

all over the world. These races  are held on boats about

12 meters long, with 20 athletes rowing... icon 3

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StreetGolf Supreme

Urban Golf

In “Underground Rome” Team Building, our

experts and archaeologists will lead your team around

the ancient site, explaining... icon 3

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Templar Lost Treasure

A mysterious air lingers on this team building based on strategy.

A secret code must be found or the criptex cannot be opened.

Inside of the criptex there are the coordinates... icon 3

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angeli e demoni

Angeli e Demoni

A mystery lingers in Vatican City. Be brave and experience

Good and Evil: make your choice and fight together with the

Angels or Demons armys. Be careful: the Illuminati... icon 3

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wacky race

The Wacky Race

Everybody knows the famous cartoon The Wacky Races.

The cartoon shows the races of unusual cars driven by

many unusual pilots … hence the idea... icon 3

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